Retreat & Conference Speaking

Women's Retreats

Judy speaks at women’s weekend conferences around the country on a wide variety of topics including:

Marriage Retreat

"How to Have an Intentional Marriage"

Every couple spends time planning for their wedding day, yet afterwards, marriages tend to drift aimlessly due to lack of intent, direction, or purpose. All couples want to have ‘good marriages’ - yet ‘good marriages’ don't just happen. They require teamwork.

This weekend is designed to provide you and your spouse with the opportunity to step away from your busy schedules in order to evaluate where you are as a couple. As you take a fresh look at God's design for your marriage, you'll be challenged to set practical, measurable goals that will help you to stay on course as you journey together through life.

"Do two walk together, except they have made an appointment?"--Amos 3:3

This conference enables spouses to ‘make an appointment’ to spend time focusing on each other, getting to know other couples, and forging a personal plan to help them experience true success in their marriages.