Chapel City Church; Camarillo,CA

From 11/06/2019 through 11/20/2019
What does the Bible say about Heaven and Hell? Can we really know very much about what we all will face in eternity? During this three-week study, we will dig into the Word of God and be exhorted and encouraged as we get a glimpse of what the future holds. Child care will be provided, phone the office at 805-482-1200 for information or register on-line at

Chapel City Church; Camarillo,CA

From 01/08/2020 through 03/18/2020
All are invited to join us on Wednesday mornings, 9:30-11:30, as we study 'Discerning the Times.' We will look into what Scripture teaches about prophecy. This study of dispensational truth will help to us to understand that we are living 'today' during times which were specifically prophesied 'yesterday.' This 11-week study will encourage us, and give us insight, as to how we are to live in these changing times. Child care will be provided. Please register on-line at,or phone the office at 805-482-1200.

Oxnard, CA

From 03/06/2020 through 03/08/2020
We live in a high-stress world and most women today describe their lives as being 'overwhelmed.' Join us for this weekend with The Bridge Bible Fellowship as we discover together life-impacting, practical, biblical, 'Intentional Practices for a Less Overwhelmed Life.' Additional information to follow.

Chapel City Church; Camarillo,CA

From 03/25/2020 through 05/20/2020
This spring join us for the 8-week study,'Finishing Well.' It is sobering to realize that only one-third of the people discussed in the Bible actually 'finish well' in their spiritual lives. By looking at the lives of people in Scripture, we can discern specific pitfalls to avoid, and we can learn much about how to 'run with endurance the race set before us' with victory! Join us as we learn practical steps toward victorious living! Child care is provided. Register on-line, or phone the office at 805-482-1200 for registration or additional information.


From 05/01/2020 through 05/03/2020
No one every 'plans to fail' in marriage, but too often we 'fail to plan' together as husband and wife. Set aside this weekend for experiencing a life-changing, practical weekend of self-evaluation and goal-setting as couples. You'll become equipped with marriage skills that will last a lifetime, and your marriage will be blessed in surprising ways. Led by Dave and Judy Gerry; sponsored by the Bereans Young Marrieds Adult Bible Fellowship from Chapel City Church. Couples of ALL ages are invited to attend.